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About Surbana Group

Over the part four decades, Surbana has been the driving force behind Singapore's characterstic skyline, provinding quality homes for people across Singapore.

The 26 Townships that the Surbana Group has designed and developed have provided quality homes and an integrated living environment for more that 85% people of Singapore.

Singhania Merlin Estate's signature projet, Singapore City is conceived and sketched by Surbana to the last detail. The world is coming to central India, finally.

Driven by dynamic creative team, dedicated to creating complete living environment, Surbana has provided its visionary expertise to the Middle East, Vietnam, China and India. It's a name that's associated with the finest and most exotic designs in the field of construction and architecture. Just two words define their colossal creations, Simply spledid.


Our Projects

  • Merlin Regency, Kolkota

  • Cambridge, Kolkata

  • Refelction, Chennai

  • Merlin Riverview, Kolkata

  • Acroplis, Kolkata